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Accessible Customer Service

Welcome to the Accessible Customer Service eLearning course at York University!

To ensure that the University complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005, everyone who interacts on its behalf with the public must be trained in accessible customer service.  This training requirement applies to all faculty, staff, student leaders, managers, department heads and senior administrators. 

The following outlines the main topics of the eLearning course:

To fulfill its reporting obligations, the University is required to track all employees who complete this training. Before starting, you will be asked to enter your Passport York credentials. Once you have completed the training, you will be asked to verify that you have read and understood the material contained in the eLearning course in order to confirm your completion.

The course consists of three (3) modules and will take on average approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Module 1 — Understanding the AODA and the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
Module 2 — Communicating with Customers with Disabilities
Module 3 — Serving Customers with Disabilities

You may complete all three modules in one sitting or you may return where you left off to complete them at a later time. If you do need to exit, take note of the page you are on so you can return to that page at a later time.

To begin, please select one of the following four versions (will open in new window):
Accessible - English (text-based for screen reader/text-to-speech software)
Accessible - French (text-based for screen reader/text-to-speech software)

For optimal full screen viewing of the course, please press F11 on your keyboard. (Please note F11 works on most computers, but not all.) Audio appears only at the beginning and end of each module in the Interactive version of the course. You may turn this off by clicking the on-screen pause button.

For general AODA enquiries, please contact

If you have any difficulty accessing the eLearning course, or you have any other questions about AODA training, please contact

If you have any difficulty accessing your Passport York account please contact